Happy New Years! {Make your DREAMS (Goals) come true!}

Maybe you are like me and like to set goals. Maybe you forget them. Maybe you think you can set them any time during year. Whatever your goal setting style is, I learned about a method to set goals when I was in college. It is called setting SMART Goals (This link goes more in depth SMART Goals or look here SMART Goals).

Smart GoalsI know that this has helped me cut down on making goals and never reaching them. I know that anyone can do anything that they truly want to if they try. Always remember to take a step back every week or so and evaluate where you are. Goals are meant to be tweaked as you go. Sometime things just change. So your goals need to change.

Another way to help focus on your goals is to have them in a place where you will see them always. I have put them in a scrapbook and left it on my nightstand so I saw them every morning and evening. I have printed them and put them on my mirror. The fridge is a great place to display them as well, unless you have some goals you don’t want everyone seeing them.

I really want you to succeed. So I made you a printable goal work sheet. Take a look.


I used my reading pile goal for an example for you. I love to read and sometimes I get to busy to do it. This is a fun goal for me. I did this in college and it really helped me keep a balance. So remember not all goals are about working out and eating better (not that those aren’t good things, but it is best to live a balanced life).

Download the printable (only for personal use) here: Smart Goals Worksheet (click the blue link and then again on the second page).

I hope you are working towards pushing yourself this year. I know I need too. We can all do it together! Get the fam involved and live it up in 2013.


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