Get Your Kids Moving in May Giveaway

I love to get out and see all the beautiful nature. So much that I want to help you get out and do the same. My friend Andie hosted a great series for May to get the kids moving. To finish it off enter to win some fantastic prizes.

It’s Summer Time!!!! I hope you have enjoyed all the amazing posts from This year’s Get Your Kids Moving in May Series! There were some AMAZING ideas, crafts and yummy food to help keep those kiddos healthy and active this summer! To bid farewell to such an awesome series we’re giving away 1 FREE National Park Pass ($80 Value) which will allow you to access over 2000 National Parks! See a complete list HERE …How cool is that! So load up the kids and get out there and explore this beautiful world we live in! And since you’ll need supplies — we’re also giving away a $75.00 gift card to Cabela’s!!! 
Shop online or in one of their gazillion locations nationwide! 
If you missed some of the awesomeness check out these super cool posts!! 


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  1. Awesome idea we try to get out daughter outside and moving every weekend. Did you know some national sites offer a junior ranger badge free? Great way to experience the park.

  2. We LOVE the Smokey Mountain National Park, and we are headed to west this summer, so I am sure we will hit up every National Park we can!!!

  3. Love, Love the Smokey Mountain National Park, and we are headed west this summer, so I am sure we will hit as many National Parks as possible

  4. I want to see the Sequoia National Park. My grandparents took a trip a trip out west (maybe in the early 60’s) my grandmother wanted to see the large trees and drive through them. They were within an hour drive of it. My grandfather thought she was crazy for wanting to go look a bunch of trees. Later when they were back home he saw a documentary on the park and said “Hmm that looks pretty neat. Maybe we should have driven over there.” You can imagine the stare down he received for that one. She never got to see those trees so I would like to go see them in her honor.