Fourth of July BBQ Menu

Raise your hand if you are super excited for the Fourth of July?!?! Fireworks, sweet! Family, sweet! Good Food, sweet! Summer Fun, Sweet! So to make it a tad bit easier, I’ve planned a great menu for you and your family.

Start off with something a little funky, like this Watermelon Salad! It looks fresh and fun.



Chips and dips are always a good standby option. Use this rocking guacamole to spice the chips up!

Easy Yummy Guacamole Recipe at

I love a good pasta salad for starters, but don’t want to waste all my calories on just pasta salad! So here is a great “skinny” Macaroni Salad.



For the main course try some yummy Blackberry Ribs. Fourth of July is so about yummy BBQ and ribs will do the trick.


Have you ever been to one of those brazilian grills that serve nonstop food?!? If you haven’t go and go when you are hungry! I love the grilled pineapple that comes with. Try this recipe at home on your own grill! 



Polish it of with some rich and sweet cookies & cream bark! Patriotic style! It is festive and delicious!

Patriotic Cookies & Cream Bark Recipe at

And in case you are thirsty you might want some drinks. Lemonade is so refreshing and even better when it has peaches in it. So grab some Peach Lemonade.

Peach Lemonade at

Happy Fourth! I can’t wait to hear what you make for your Fourth of July Celebration.







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