#ElectroluxLive Cook Off Recap

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I hope you had a chance to check out the #ElectroluxLive with Food52.com last Wednesday. It was so fun to watch three chefs go head to head on different methods of cooking. It really showed the differences between induction, gas and electric stovetops.

Cook Off Cast

If you missed the live stream, you can check it out here (or if you want to check it out again). Doesn’t it just make cauliflower look so yummy?


I loved that the live stream from #ElectroluxLive showed how cooking with each stovetop worked. It would be great to have if you are considering a new stovetop. If you want to learn more about induction, gas and electric stovetops, head on over here.

I was amazed at the quickness of the induction. The poor chef with the electric heat had to wait for the stovetop to heat up before cooking. I can feel her pain. A stovetop that would heat up in 90 seconds would change my life. I hate waiting for water to boil. May as well pull up pinterest and pin during the heat up. 

Cookoff Stovetops

The induction chef may have been done the quickest, but I loved the idea from Camille who used the electric stovetop. For presentation she always drizzles a little bit of olive oil over food to keep it moist. Plus it really did look delicious. After watching the live stream I had to eat some lunch because I was starving. 


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