Easy Autumn Leaf Watercolor

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easy autumn leaf watercolor idea at thebensonstreet.com

Fall and/or Autumn is one of my favorite seasons (okay I like them all for different reasons ;)). Have you noticed all the gorgeous watercolor prints and projects around? I have seen them on printables, blogs, in Target and all around. I know I’m not an artist, but I still wanted to create something with the look of watercolors for this beautiful Autumn season. If you are like me, then I’ve found an easy way to make watercolor projects, watercolor pencils!

Fall watercolor idea at thebensonstreet.com

What you will need for this project:

Easy Fall Leaf Watercolor at thebensonstreet.com

How to create this gorgeous autumn leaf watercolor idea:

  1. Trace a leaf with a red watercolor pencil.
  2. Shade around the leaf with red. I shaded around the leaf for about a half an inch.
  3. Shade the orange into the edge of the red for another half an inch.
  4. Shade the yellow into the edfe of the orange for another half inch.
  5. Use a small amount of water on the paintbrush to mix the colors together. 
  6. Go all the way around the entire leaf.
  7. Let the leaf dry.

One tip is to shade the colors together with the pencils. Add your own artistic touch and vary the thickness of each color. I think it is better to do the yellow little more so that it can fade out at the edges.

Fall Watercolor Idea for an easy decoration from thebensonstreet.com

This is an easy project to let out your artistic flair with a simple project that you can display in a frame, pin around the house or hang on a magnet board. I hope you love this super easy way to create a beautiful fall leaf watercolor to brighten up your home.

Have you ever used water color pencils?


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