DIY White Board with Duck Tape

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How can it already be the end of August! I’ve left all the back to school stuff until now! To help me de-stress, I made this fun white board using Duck Tape(R)!

While I was out shopping for back to school supplies at Wal-Mart, I found the Duck Tape(R) jack pot! There are so many fun colors and patterns. I’d add it to your back to school lists. It is great for decorating books, classrooms, lockers, etc. It is simply the best! Make sure it’s on your lists and you can buy Duck Tape at Walmart

Duck Tape(R) is pretty awesome. If you love Project Runway like I do, you will remember the funky prom dress Duck Tape(R) Challenge. I loved the creatively the Duck Tape(R) inspired. The possibilities are endless with Duck Tape(R).

Here is how I created this simple, yet fun back to school project using Duck Tape(R).


  1. picture frame
  2. white cardstock
  3. your favorite Duck Tape(R)
  4. dry erase markers

I chose a black and white checkerboard pattern of Duck Tape(R).

Cut down the white cardstock to fit in your frame. Mine was an 8 x 10, so i just cut it down to that size.

Run a stripe across the top and bottom of the cardstock. Leaving some excess to fold over on to the back of the paper.

Put the cardstock in the frame. Write away on the board. Kids can use it to write notes, or work out math problems. Leave little notes to your kids on it. So many functional back to school uses. 

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