DIY Glitter Eggs

DIY Glitter Eggs at 7

These gorgeous glitter eggs are a family tradition. I remember making them as a teenager.  I have always loved the beautifully iridescent look of glitter. It completely transforms these plain plastic eggs. I can’t wait to share with you this easy tutorial!

DIY Glitter Eggs at

You will need:

  • sandpaper
  • plastic eggs
  • craft/school glue (water it down with a little bit of water)
  • ultra fine glitter

DIY Glitter Eggs at 1

Using ultra fine glitter is extremely important. I am a glitter snob. I love Martha Stewart’s fine glitter.  The ultra fine glitter is smaller and lighter it sticks to the glue on the eggs easier.

DIY Glitter Eggs


Start by separating your plastic eggs, if they are hooked together cut them apart, it will just make this easier. Using the sand paper buff the entire egg surface. The egg in the picture on the left has been sanded. Get rid of all the shininess. If the egg is still shiny when the glue is applied the glitter will NOT stick.

DIY Glitter Eggs at 2

Using a paintbrush,  paint the sanded egg with a thin layer of the glue all over the egg. Sprinkle glitter all over the glue painted egg. Use a paper to catch the glitter. Tap off the excess glitter by tapping the edge of the egg.

On one half of the egg there is a little lip (pictured above) that makes it easy to hold on to. On the other half paint and glitter most of the egg and hold it in one spot.  Then paint that last little spot and glitter it while holding the egg with two fingers inside the egg (this is the hardest part).

DIY Glitter Eggs at 3


Let eggs dry for several hours.

DIY Glitter Eggs at 6

Match the eggs up, fill ’em, snap ’em together, tie ’em up with a ribbon and hand ’em out to all your friends. Or use them as a sparkly Easter decoration.

DIY Glitter Eggs at 9

They are beautiful. I experimented with a variety of glitter, but remember fine glitter is best.

DIY Glitter Eggs at 8

I hope you love them as much as I do. I love to add glitter here and there.

DIY Glitter Eggs at 5

I had fun matching up different colors of eggs with a variety of glitter colors. That is the fun part.

DIY Glitter Eggs at 4

What are your favorite ways to decorate eggs for easter???

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  1. Cute cute, Emily! I confess, and it will surely be no surprise… glitter is not my forte! My little nieces would love these, though! fun idea to give them as a gift with the ribbon! 🙂

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