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To start this post, I have included an adorable picture of Mr. Benson. This was necessary because this post is about being patient (not that I need to be more patient with him, ok well maybe a little bit, but hey we could all be more patient with all the human beings we live around). It is because He was so good at being patient yesterday while taking family pictures which he was not to happy about, but I am super happy about them! It was a bit frigidly cold and windy, but I just can’t wait to see them. Kara Campbell of Glimpse Photography took our pictures. She was a trooper with the cold, three little girls and one wild basset hound. So as soon as I get them I will be sharing with you for sure.

So enjoy this hansom smile and let’s get down to business.

I was given the wonderful opportunity to give a lesson on Patience in church today. I was super excited about how adorable these handouts turned out.

Now to get the whole marshmallow thing, check out this video. I love it and I hope you do too! I hope I can make my own effort to become more patient.

And excuse the subtitles, this was the only video of this that I could find that worked!

YouTube video

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