Christmas Tree Lights Story

This cute short Christmas Tree Lights Story will help you remember how important you are this Christmas season, print it out for free to share.

Christmas is a wonderful season and I really do enjoy all the stories, anecdotes, analogies, etc. I think it is amazing how we can learn from and relate to these stories. They teach us and reach some of us in ways nothing else will. This little light story can relate to burnout ;).

This little printable would be so cute gifted with a small pack of lights like the ones pictured that are battery operated and found in the Target Dollar Spot. Add your friend’s favorite candy, drink or treat for an even better gift.

Read the short story here and then download the free printable below.

Christmas Tree Lights Story

author unknown

There was once a shining Christmas tree standing out where all could see. Its brilliance captured every eye and seemed to cheer each passer by. “The lights are beautiful, ” they’d say, and hesitate to walk away. The tree stood proud, ablaze with light, for each small bulb kept burning bright.

Then one bulb was heard to say, “I’m tired of burning night and day; I think I’ll just go out and rest, for I’m too tired to do my best — besides, I know I am so small, I doubt I would be missed at all.”

Then a child lovingly touched the light. “Look, mother, this one shines so bright; of all the lights on the tree, this one looks the best to me.” “Oh my goodness,” said the light, “I almost dimmed right out of sight. I thought perhaps no one would care, if I failed to do my share.” With that, a glowing brilliance came for all the lights had felt the same.

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