Free Printable Christmas Towel Story + Gift Idea

A towel might seem like not an exciting gift, but it can be with this Christmas Towel story. Print of the printable story to pair with a Christmas towel.

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I love cute little hand kitchen towels for holiday cheer. They are a great way to decorate for holidays and have a great purpose. Add some holiday season decor to your oven handle by hanging a towel over it. Although when receiving a hand towel, it might seem like a let down. Read this story called “The Towel” and it might change your perspective. And this might just be the neighbor gift or Christmas gift for a friend idea you need!

Who will enjoy this gift:

This gift is simple and can be gifted to a variety of people in your life. Here are some ideas:

  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Teachers
  • Bosses
  • Delivery People
  • Co-workers

​The Story

The Towel

Author Unknown

At first glance, one looks at a kitchen towel and thinks “Wow! A towel! I needed a new one.” or “Wow! A towel! The old ones are getting stained and worn.” But have we ever stopped to think that for years, even thousands of years, the towel has not just been used in the kitchen, but for a variety of reasons?

Take for example, the mother who wipes the tears of a little child to soothe the physical and emotional hurt. The physician who binds the wound of a bleeding patient. The woman in her home wiping her hands as she moves from task to task. The weary traveler who wipes his sweated brow. Some other examples would be the manager of a boxer who “throws in the towel” to save the life of his protege, or the young man wiping the grease off his hands as he fixes the old car.

Notwithstanding all of the above examples, perhaps the most significant use of the towel was about 2000 years ago when our loving Savior took an ordinary towel in His hands and dried the feet of His disciples only hours before His crucifixion. Sure, the towel is a handy item with a myriad of uses, but it also has deep symbolic meaning when seen in the hands of the Savior during a work of kindness for his fellow men.

So take this towel, knowing it is given with love, and do works of goodness with it, as the Savior worked goodness with His so many year ago.

Now all you have to do is find some super cute Christmas towels and print off the story below to say Merry Christmas to your friends and acquaintances! From tea towels to terry towels, any dish towel will work for great gifts.

In years past I usually try to head to Target or Walmart or other stores to grab items like towels on clearance on the day after Christmas. This is a great way to save money, and you can prep these in advance. Print off the story and attach to the towels anytime throughout the year to prepare for the gift giving season.


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Download the printable Christmas Towel Story here:


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  1. Hey, Emily! I love your site! While perusing your super crafty and creative ideas I found a version of the poem my mom wrote 30 years ago for my grandpa for church called “The Towel.” The page says the author is unknown – would you be willing to change it to Holly Beckstrand? I know she’d really appreciate it!! I can also definitely provide the original if you’d like it (your personalized version is also fantastic)!