Black and White Baby Flashcards

Time is going so fast! Baby boy is already four months old and doesn’t love tummy time. I’ve been trying to come up with creative ways to engage him during tummy time. He has some toys that he really likes to look at, but sometimes he needs something else. I remember reading about babies vision and how they can see black and white high contrast pictures best. This got me thinking I should make him some black and white baby flashcards. I didn’t want to keep them all to myself, so I’m sharing them here as a printable.

These simple images with high contrast have been a fun addition to our baby’s tummy time activities. It is fun to watch him be amazed at these cards.

We simply lay out a couple around him or prop them up on a toy.

Another fun way to use these cards is to talk about the objects. Babies love to listen to our voices as well as look at these cards. Bonus points if you make up a little song to sing as well!

The fun isn’t just for babies. Miss JJ who is three even likes to play with these cards and identify the objects. Sometimes she even tells her brother about them.

He is getting so good at holding up his head while checking out the world around him.

What ways have you made tummy time for fun for your little babes? I can always use more ideas!

I can’t get over how cute he is (although I might be a little biased).

Get your printable black and white baby flashcards right here!

Printable Black and White Baby Flashcards


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