21 Principles: Book Review

I introduced the Extreme Book Nerd Challenge a bit ago. I’m excited to keep the book reviews coming. Here is another book I read for the challenge.

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21 Principles

Author: Richard G. Scott

Extreme Book Nerd Challenge Category: A book you own but haven’t read yet

Like the book, Whom the Lord Loveth, 21 Principles has short essays that one can read in a short amount of time and then think about all day long. I love that about this book. Each day I could read a little bit of spiritually uplifting words and try to take it to make me better. Some of it isn’t what I expected but just what I needed like this quote about creating. 

“Every individual has creative capacity. The satisfaction and growth creativity generates is intended for each of us, not just for the most gifted. To try takes courage. A famous watercolorist, Edgar A. Whitney said, ‘No door is closed to a stubborn scholar.’ The most challenging barrier one must overcome is to begin; from there it gets easier and more exciting. Then as you try, realize that you personally are going to be hardest on yourself just when you need the most reassurance. Let your self-evaluation be a source of discovery rather than of destructive self-criticism. Believe in yourself. Doubt destroys creativity, while faith strengthens it.”

It is always good to learn that there are many ways to come closer to the spirit and this book can teach you some of them. If you are looking for something short, sweet and meaningful to read, try out 21 Principles by Richard G. Scott.

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