Be Grateful Jar

I have seen a variety of gratitude jars around. It is a fun idea to help keep my mind on all the good things I’ve been given. There are so many blessings that I have added to this jar along with my husband and anyone else who wishes to share. On Thanksgiving morning we will read all the things we are grateful for. I hope you take time to reflect on all you have in your life and give thanks.

Here is the supplies I used minus vinyl cutouts. There are a variety of ways you could do the words on the jar. I used vinyl that I cut out from my cricut, but a stencil and paint would would too. My mom found these cute little pine cones in a cemetery. So be resourceful, use what you have around you inside and outside your home. I polished it off with some jute ribbon.

I have also included a pdf of the slips, or create your own with your own words and fonts.

Enjoy and share what you are grateful for in the comments and I will put it in my grateful jar!

Gratitude Jar Slips


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