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Valentine Fudge Cups Gift at

I absolutely love fudge. It is just delicious. No mater what way you like it, with nuts, caramel, or something else wild and funky it is delicious. Plus, it is a perfect treat to not have to share if you know what I mean. Not that I don’t share, but it is nice to have your own individual valentine fudge cups. That way you get your own little treat, plus it works as a perfect valentine fudge gift. Plus, I’m sharing a bunch of other DIY Valentine ideas from my talented blogger friends!

60 DIY Valentine Ideas

DIY Valentine Fudge Cups Gift Idea

DIY Valentine Fudge Cups at

What you need:

1. Valentine Washi Tape

2. Mini spoons (can be found at some party stores)

3. Mini plastic containers (found these at Walmart)

4. Your favorite fudge recipe or use one of these

Cute individual valentine fudge cups at

To create these cute and fun personalized gifts, prepare your fudge according to the directions and pour it into each individual cups. Let the fudge set up with out the lids on for a few hours. When the fudge is all set up, decorate with washi tape. Add a tag or simply use a sharpie to write who the fudge is for on the container or on a piece of washi tape.

Finish it off by taping the spoon to the top of the cup or tie it on with some adorable baker’s twine.

Fun and easy valentine fudge gift at

Give out all your little fudge cups to your valentines. It is a perfect gift idea for friends, kids, teachers, etc. 

Plus, I’ve got a treat for you!!! Here are a bunch of other DIY Valentine ideas:



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