Say No to Auto Video Class Review plus Giveaway

I love my fancy camera, but most of the time I think it just makes me look like I know what I’m doing. I tried to take it off auto once. It was a hot mess. I had downloaded a course and was trying to decipher what the heck I was suppose to be doing. I didn’t know how to take pictures anymore. So I immediately took it off manual and put it back on auto until now.


The amazing Kristen Duke has felt my pain and created a Say No to Auto Video Workshop! Woo hoo!!! Are you like me, a visual learner? Have you been frustrated with learning how to use your camera? Kristen has an e-book of this course which is great, but the video shows more in depth demonstrations and explanations. Plus, the video includes embedded pictures of the e-book (but if you want the e-book it is just $10 extra).

Kristen takes a 3 step approach to understanding your camera in manual. Things that seem foreign easy to understand. I never thought someone could explain something so difficult to me. I’m still practicing in manual, but as I was watching the video the lightbulbs started turning on in my head. For my practice shot below, I was able to set the three settings and go! 

Say No To Auto Photo at

I thought about going out and trying to take pictures of my cute niece, but decided I better practice on a still subject first. The photo on the left is in auto, which isn’t bad, but it is limited. The photo on the right is a practice shot in manual. I love that the their is some blur near the bottom and the photo seems a little lighter. I know I have a long way to go, but this is so much better than were I was at before. Let’s practice together and learn how to use these amazing cameras we have!

If you can’t wait to get learning you can buy the course right now with $10 off!!! Use coupon code benson10. The video course is $60 this course in workshop form normally runs for $150! Score! And if you buy the course, but win the giveaway you will be refunded. Isn’t Kristen just awesome!!! Buy the course here: Say No to Auto Video Workshop.

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  1. Moments I want to capture are those special times like when LC gets a new karate belt or gives his great-grandma a kiss or opens that special birthday gift…I want to capture those priceless expressions!

  2. I was given a Nikon for Christmas by my husband. I would love to learn how to take better action shots of my boy’s playing baseball and how to get really good close up pictures of the “creators” that visit my yard.

  3. I would like to capture everything in photos. I have had cameras since I was really young but I have always put them on auto and that was it. But.,. I can’t get the photos I want of say, my daughter on the basketball court, in auto. Therefore, I’ve been looking at DSL cameras but don’t no anything about them.

  4. You lucky girl getting to test it out- I’ve been interested in this book for too long! Why haven’t I just bought it already?!? I’d love to just take better photos of everything. My boys are my favorite subjects, but, truth be told, I get what I get with them and that’s that- no time for fussing at all. But it really bites to take 150 photos for a blog post and still not be really happy with them :P, so I’d like to know this info for that part especially! Thanks Emily- you’re awesome 🙂

    1. Yeah it was fun to get to review it! You should just buy it girl! Plus we need to get together, I’m a slacker major so sorry. On another note I’m right there with you on taking 150 photos and not being happy with them. I wish it came more naturally to me!

  5. I already have the book ,but I would love, love the video workshop!! I have 2 DSLR cameras and am always frustrated!! So, I would use it to take lots of pics of my kiddos.