Fall Popcorn Box Party Favor

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Who knew popcorn boxes could be so fun??? Not me until I participated in the Popcorn Box Party. I mean I love popcorn and movies, but popcorn and popcorn boxes can go so much further. I thought these popcorn boxes could be the perfect fall party favor idea. I mean you can fill them with popcorn, candy, and other goodies. Plus, they are so easy to decorate.


I started with a plain popcorn box from the amazing World Market (don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end of the post). They are cute as is, but you know me, I like to add a little more. I had some cute fall paper from the Target dollar spot. I traced one side of the popcorn box on a piece of card stock paper for a pattern. Then trace it onto your cute paper.

Then I used a tape runner to easily stick the paper to the box. Then along the bottom I added some burlap ribbon all attached with the tape runner. 


For the pumpkin, I punched out three small circles and stuck them together with a glue stick. Glued on a felt stem and two small cut out leaves.

The end result is this super cute and simple fall party favor idea. Make them for your fall get togethers with the kids, girlfriends or whoever. Give them out full or have a treat bar and let everyone add what they like.


If you need some ideas for what to fill it with try this Mother Goose Popcorn recipe.

Or if you wanted another idea, I’ve got some of those too. We have a ton of popcorn party box decorating ideas here:


Popcorn Box Decorating Ideas 

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