DIY Garden Potting & Stake with Miracle-Gro

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My brown thumb has killed many flowers, herbs, anything that needs water. I never seem to know how much to water, how often, or I just get busy and totally space the watering. This video inspired me to look beyond my gardening mishaps and start fresh.

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I think I might have found a way to transform my brown thumb into a green thumb, thanks to Miracle-Gro. The Gro Project by Miracle-Gro is an easy way to get into gardening. If you have no idea where to start there are so many great ideas, from a toyrarium to a ukulele garden on their facebook page. If that isn’t enough check out these other great fun garden projects on pinterest and follow along. Plus I want to share with you my own break out green thumb project, DIY garden potting & garden stake tutorial. Who knew potting your own plants would be so easy. I promise if I could do it, anyone can. I hope you will see how easy it is to get started.

I want to share this simple project, because maybe there are others out there like me who thought gardening was a major challenge. It isn’t and this is a great way to get started. Planting in a container is fun and a good starter gardening project, because you don’t have to worry about losing a whole vegetable garden. Last year I bought some pre-potted flowers. They were ok, but this year I wanted to add my own flair by creating a personalized garden pot and stake. Let’s get started.

Buying flowers for my own potting project was like putting together an outfit or a work of art. It was a delicate balance of varying colors and shapes. This is a chance to be creative and give the pot personality. Create a custom personalized garden pot.


What you will need:

  • pot/container
  • Moisture Control Potting Mix
  • flowers and/or green plants (This is the fun part, pick what stands out to you, find a mix of sizes, shapes and colors. I used Forget Me Knots, Geraniums, Juncus Grass)
  • gloves
  • small skewer sticks
  • wooden square tag
  • hot glue gun & glue
  • decoupage
  • decorative paper, stickers, etc.
  • stamp pad

Step 1: Fill the pot or container about half way full with Moisture Control Potting Mix. This is great because it helps to regulate over & under watering. Great news for me! Now if I give or take a little with the watering the potting mix will take care of it. Nice to know someone has my back.

Step 2: Arrange your plants. I loved the juncus grass. I knew I wanted it to be the center of the pot. I love how it added a whimsical touch to the pot. Then I played around with the position of the geraniums and forget me knots. 

Step 3: Start planting. Take each plant out of their original container and break up the roots a little bit. If the soil is a little dry wet it a bit while breaking up the roots. This makes it easier to move it around and position it in the pot.

Step 4: Keep adding the flowers or plants in the original arrangement and add potting mix as needed.

Step 5: With larger plants, it can be helpful to split the plant and separate it out to two different areas in the pot. Add potting mix and tweak the arrangement as needed. 

All done with the DIY potting. It is really easy. I loved that I picked the flowers. This pot reflects my personality and style in my garden. To give it an extra special touch I created my own garden stake. Here is a quick run down of how I created my garden stake.

1. Gather your supplies

2. Antique the wooden tag using a stamp pad

3. Use decorative paper and stickers to embellish the garden stake, use a decoupage to fix the paper to the wooden tag. Apply a light coat of the decoupage on the wood. Stick paper on the tag and do another light layer of decoupage over the paper.

4. Hot glue the skewer to the wooden tag. Stick in your garden or pots (I dressed up my skewer with a striped paper straw for an extra special touch).

It turned out so pretty! I might be able to garden after all. 

Find a unique place to display your pot. I love this antique distressed shabby chic chair. It looked great in a garden or on my patio.

Can you see the cute straw. I love it!

Thanks for the Inspiration, The Gro Project! Follow along with The Gro Project and share with us what you will be inspired to create & grow?

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