{Brown Paper Packages Tied up with String}

I love the song, “My Favorite Things.” I am not sure why it is played at Christmas, because I just think of the Sound of Music when I hear it, but either way I’m happy I get to hear it on the radio during the Christmas season. The song inspired me to spice up some brown paper packages (and white ones too).

What you will need:

  • Small cardboard boxes (I saved a bunch that came in the mail)
  • Mod Podge
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Glitter
  • string/twine

Start by selecting your paper that you wish to cover your box with. I chose a fun striped pattern. Then I began by tracing the side of the box that I wanted the paper on. I would then cut it out and trim it if needed. I like to have some of the brown edges showing so I may have trimmed mine more than you would like. After I cut out the pieces I would label them so I could remember what paper went with which side. It would be good to do this with the paper and the box, so they correspond.

I wanted to make these boxes a little extra special, so I wanted to mix glitter with the Mod Podge. At the store I saw that they had sparkle Mod Podge, but I wanted to control the color of my glitter. I found this beautiful goldish glitter that I love! So I just put some Mod Podge in a bowl and threw in a ton of glitter and mixed it up right nice. It turned out really pretty.

After you’ve mixed your glitter in if you want that kind of look then you simple put Mod Podge on the side of the box that you are starting with. I just use a sponge brush. Then place the paper on the side where Mod Podge was applied. The use more Mod Podge to seal it in place.

I had an extra white box that i thought would be cute to just apply the glitter Mod Podge to. Wait for the boxes to dry. Fill them with goodies and tie them up with some cute twine. Super cute and fun alternative to regular gift wrap.



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