Creative Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

Today I’m glad to have Miriam Bornstein sharing some great ideas for creative storage solutions for small bathrooms.

We’ve all been there. Our alarm goes off, we press snooze and suddenly we find ourselves racing against the clock, rushing to wrap up our morning routine. Now is the time to say goodbye to cramped quarters. If every morning is a constant struggle to locate your makeup brushes, bobby pins and face wipes, then you’re in dire need of bathroom storage solutions.

Here are five creative organization ideas for small bathrooms.

1) Utilize storage bins


Organizational bins are a lifesaver when trying to save space. Head to a secondhand store and purchase cutlery trays to store your makeup, combs and nail polish. Because the trays are exposed, you’ll no longer have to fish through your bathroom drawers to find certain products. Another way to keep your space organized is by placing common bathroom necessities like Q-tips and cotton balls in glass containers on the countertop. To add a pop of color, place rolled up hand and bath towels on a shelf for a vibrant and organized display.

2) Optimize vertical space


Add usable height by installing a shelf above your toilet. Expanding your vertical capacity not only increases storage, but also draws your eyes upward, creating the illusion of larger space. Although you probably won’t store your most used items out of everyday reach, this is the perfect location to store extra towels, cleaning supplies and other bathroom necessities. Get crafty by installing two parallel spice racks to hold everything from hair products to lotion. Paint the shelves a complementary color or mount a wooden palette to the wall for rustic design flair and storage space.

3) Store under the sink


Now that you’ve used your bathroom’s vertical space, add depth by taking advantage of the space below your sink. Store extra toilet paper, hair tools and cleaning supplies out of sight to save counter space. If you’re worried about making a mess, purchase cloth bins or hang a pocket organizer on the inside door of the cabinet below your bathroom sink. Make sure the pocket organizer is clear to reduce searching for items. Place sponges and other cleaning supplies in designated pockets for clean, organized placement.

4) Install a medicine cabinet

Installing a medicine cabinet allows you to place all of your daily necessities, such as medicine, a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss out of sight while keeping your personal possessions within reach. Even if you lack space, establishing a designated place to keep all of your items enables you to create order and organization. If possible, purchase a mirrored medicine cabinet. The mirror brightens up your bathroom by reflecting light, making it appear more spacious. If you’re interested in a do-it-yourself project, spend downtime creating a mosaic mirror with a cabinet behind it. Pull accent colors from the bathroom to create a unique focal point with purpose.

5) Hang hooks to maximize space

Adding hooks ensures that every inch of bathroom space is used to maximize storage and eliminate clutter. After your shower, hang your towel behind the door to avoid leaving it on the floor or on the bathroom counter. Hooks are also a great place to hang your bathrobe or pajamas. If you already have a towel rack, place a series of hooks on the back of the door for your hair dryer, straighteners and curling irons. Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to downplay your storage needs. Because day typically begins and ends in the bathroom, it’s important to make the most of your space. For more bathroom inspiration, check out Zillow Digs®.


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  1. I live in a very small house with my boyfriend and we need to think of clever ways to fit everything we have. Our bathroom is very small and there is a great need of storage for our towels and bathroom items. I love the storage ideas that you share! We still haven’t finished our bathroom so there is enough time to design it with extra storage. Thanks for sharing!