How to Check a Movie for Inappropriate Content

How to Check a Movie for Inappropriate Content: A guide for parents

In a world with constant decline of values and the internet allowing access to so much, it is important for parents to be in the know on what their kids and teens are watching on movies. Sometimes I even like to check these guides for myself! By checking a movie’s content it may have some spoilers, but so worth it to make sure your children are watching media that is age appropriate and in line with your belief system.

Here are more sites that allow you to search for a movie and find the content.


I love IMDB. I love to look up actors and movies so that I can figure out who was in what movie or where I know a specific actress or actor from, but they also have a nifty parental guide to help know the content of a movie.


To use IMDb, follow these steps.

  1. Search for the movie title in the top search bar.
  2. Click “More” next to IMDbPro.
  3. Click “Parents Guide” under the “Storyline” heading.

Kids In Mind 

Kids in Mind Movie Ratings

This site give a comprehensive look into a movie and with a 1 to 10 scale on each of the content categories. Search for old movies and new.

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media Parent Movie Content Review

Common Sense Media gives reviews on more than movies. It is also great because you can find age appropriate media with their handy search tool.

Age Appropriate Media Common Sense Media

I would look at all of these resources to be very thorough especially if you are unsure of if you want a child to watch a specific movie. It has been my experience that if you feel that a movie will not be up to your standards from just watching a preview, then read the review and make sure you don’t expose your children to something you would have rather avoided.

What ways have you tried to check a movie for inappropriate content? I’d love more tips!


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