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Last year I was still new to blogging and loved seeing a lot of my favorite bloggers share a “word” for the year. There have been so many words that I’ve wanted to use as my word for 2014. I talked it over with my husband and some of our friends. I was searching for this perfect word that would take all the words liked and wrap them all up in one. I found out that word doesn’t exsisit. But I did come up with a phrase (okay I didn’t come up with it but I’ll tell you the story behind it). The phrase is “Be There“.

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I learned a lot in 2013. One of my greatest learning experiences came from the So You Think You’re Crafty competition I participated in last fall. It was fun and I felt like I was on reality T.V. only on the internet. I learned that I could create projects I never thought I could before and do it in record breaking time. Really though, the greatest lesson I learned is about this concept of Be There

In church one Sunday my Bishop shared a message. He along with other leaders had created a Vision Statement for our ward congregation. Part of it was, Be There. He then told about how we needed to Be There when we were somewhere doing something (sounds abstract I know). So don’t just be present physically, but be there in mind and thought. Pay attention. Don’t allow the world to distract you. Not only did he mean be there when at a specific place, but to also be in the right places at the right time. 

I fell short of this majorly during the So You Think You’re Crafty competition. Besides my work on this blog, I have a full-time job, participate in my church and have a family. I let the competition become the most important thing. I’d lost my balance and my ability to Be There. I didn’t realize it until after the competition. I’m glad I took a step back and looked at what had happened.

Life has become very uncomplicated (in theory) by way of technology and there are so many devices to simplify our lives. Or distract our lives. I’ve started trying to get away from my phone more often. It has been helpful to be at home and enjoy time with the Mr. Rather than checking Instagram every five minutes, we can just have fun together, because he is actually there with me in the flesh (not that I don’t love my bloggy friends). I read a post by a friend Kirsten and she shares a some perfect examples of not being there. Head over to her blog, One Tough Mother, to read her post. I still love to Instagram, blog and twitter, but it doesn’t have to be the main focus of my life. I’m going to be more scheduled this year with my computer time. Most social media will still be there in a few hours, but I want to enjoy being with the people I love in the flesh.

For Christmas the Mr. got me a book, Happy Happy Happy by Phil Robertson. I love it. I’m laughing and enjoying it. He drives home the fact that one doesn’t need a cell phone or laptop to be happy. While I’m not ready to give them up entirely, I am willing to give them up more often to Be There

I’m not just hating on cell phones, social media and computers. Anything could be the distraction that causes you to not Be There. It could be staying late at work, indulging in daydreams or obsessively pursing a hobby. I believe the key to being there is balance. 

So my challenge for myself and for all of you as well is to Be There. Be there when you are with your family. Be there when you are working. Be there when a friend is in need. Be there and be where you are suppose to be when you are suppose to be there.

What is your word (or phrase since I can’t pick one word) for 2014?


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  1. Great phrase and I love your back story 🙂 I feel like social media ruins me some days- I need to try harder to just be “hands free” too!