Anne of Green Gables: Book Review

I introduced the Extreme Book Nerd Challenge a bit ago. I’m excited to keep the book reviews coming. Here is another book I read for the challenge.

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Anne of Green Gables

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Extreme Book Nerd Challenge Category: A book that feeds your wanderlust

As a little girl I remember watching Anne of Green Gables (with Megan Follows) in my parent’s bedroom on PBS. It was one of my favorites. At first I would just catch parts here and there, but I loved it. It wasn’t until I was older that I watched all three of the movies. I still watch them every once in a while because I just love love love Anne of Green Gables. I even went to an Anne of Green Gables play recently that was fabulously done. But, I had never read the book. I had it and have been wanting to read it but I just never had. 

I recently have fallen in love with Audible (but only for certain books, I have to have a good narrator). On Audible there is a version of Anne of Green Gables read by Rachel McAdams and she did a fantastic job. I loved the book just as much as I loved the movie. There were only a few things that I found to be different was actually really good considering many books made into movies are changed quite a bit.

The book itself was so good. I think it really encourages having an imagination and reading. Something we all need a little more of these days. If you’ve loved Anne like I have, but haven’t read the book, I recommend reading it now or listening to it.  You won’t be disappointed (unless you don’t like Anne of Green Gables, but then who doesn’t). 




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