3 Creative DIY Garden Projects

3 Creative Garden DIY Projects at thebensonstreet.com

3 creative DIY gardening projects

Taking care of a garden is a time-consuming task which, however, can be very relaxing and beneficial for you. Except the usual cares which you give to your garden, there are also many other interesting projects you can do which will make the place even better. Except useful, the ideas for DIY gardening projects you will find in this article will be also very fun. Taking care of your garden doesn’t have to be a tedious and tiring job, but something that will help you relax after a stressful day at work. There is a variety of projects you can try as long as you have the time and the desire to do them.


Any outdoor activity is great and the gardening is one of those activities which anyone can try. In case you want to freshen up your garden a little by doing something new and unusual, you can start by trying some of the excellent DIY gardening projects that are described below. If you want to have a good-looking and healthy garden, however, you have to clean it regularly from the weed and the pests. Before you begin doing any projects, it will be best to take care of the cleaning and arranging of the place, so that any new change can really stand out.

After you are done with the cleaning and preparing of your garden, you can focus on the completion of the DIY projects. Feel free to experiment and use your imagination any way you like. Here are some ideas for projects which are fun and which will also turn your garden into the most beautiful and interesting place in your property.

Create your own stepping stone path – This might sound complicated but it’s actually very easy. Most people prefer to call professionals for a job like this but you won’t have to after you read our tips. There is a big variety of designs you can choose from and once again we advise you to use your imagination and get creative. One way to make your own stepping stone path in your garden is by using a big leaf from tree or something else. You have to cover it with cement and then leave the created form to dry. When your interesting stepping stones are ready, you can place them in holes in the ground you’ve dug in advance.


A tower of plants – In case you have a smaller garden with limited free space, you can try building a tower of plants which will look very interesting and won’t take a lot of space. For this DIY gardening project you will need to purchase a welded wire mesh cylinder which you can find in pretty much any hardware store. You will have to put it inside a vessel, possibly a pot made from clay, which first needs to be filled with pebbles. After that, you will have to cover the internal part of the cylinder with sphagnum moss which, however, needs to be moist. You have to add some soil and put different kinds of plants on all sides until the whole cylinder is covered with them.


A birdcage from artificial leaves – Adding a beautiful birdcage to your garden will make the place look great. You don’t have to put a real bird in it but purchase an artificial one from the store. Feel free to get the one that you like most. To save yourself some work, you can buy a decorative cage as well. The design depends on your preferences. Then you can entwine it with artificial plants. The last thing to do is hang it anywhere you like in your garden.


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