10 Free Patriotic Fonts

10 Free Patriotic Fonts at thebensonstreet.com

One of my favorite holidays (I know I love them all), is the 4th of July. There is something so fun about playing all day and celebrating with fireworks at night. Patriotic decor is lots of fun too. Red, White and Blue are just meant to go together. I love the feel of a good patriotic banner or craft. To help create those crafts, I’m sharing 10 free patriotic fonts. There are lots of possibilities for all patriotic crafting needs.

1. Army Stamp: Traditional with the look of a stamp.

2. Janda Sparkle & Shine: A hint of stars in a girly font.

 3. 4th of July: Bright shiny stars.

4. American Youth: Embodies the freedom of America.

5. Stars & Stripes: So literal and perfect.

6. Election Time: I love the stars flying through the letters.

7. Americana: A classic looking American font.

8. Stripes Caps: An adorable take on the stripes of Stars & Strips.

9. Needlework US: A rustic flair on the USA.

10. USIS 1949: A flashback stamped looking font.

What would you create with these awesome patriotic fonts?

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