2014 Summer Activities Calendar

****************With being on Maternity Leave I haven’t had a chance to create a 2015 calendar, but I have a Summer Fun Activities Jar that is a similar idea.*********************

Kids Summer Fun Activity Calendar 2014 at thebensonstreet.com

You might remember my kids summer activities calendar printable from last year. It was a hit. So I decided an updated calendar for this summer would be perfect! I’ve added some new activities and kept some of the old.

Summer Fun Activity Calendar Ideas at thebensonstreet.com

I know somedays I need to be prompted to find something fun to do. I might try to follow along with the calendar this year. I can just see all the adventures I would have. Plus excitement isn’t just for the kids. Play along with your kids and have some fun too. I bet you will create some great memories. Seriously, try it and let me know how it works out.

Great ideas, tons of summer fun activities in this printable calendar at thebensonstreet.com

I’ve tried to include a variety of activities to keep kids having fun and learning. Some days will take a little money, others will take a little imagination. Maybe the order of the activities doesn’t quite work out with your summer schedule. No problem. Just mark an “X” through the activities that you have completed.

Lots of fun summer activities for kids at thebensonstreet.com

I hope you have lots of fun this summer, I know I will. 

So example activities are:

  • Go on a walk
  • Visit the Library
  • Camp out in your back yard
  • Have a dessert night
  • Try something you’ve never done before
  • Visit the Zoo

Summer Activities for Kids at thebensonstreet.com

What is your favorite summer fun activity?

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Download the calendar here: 2014 Kids Summer Fun Activities



  1. Marci Olson says

    Can I just say that I LOVE you for making these again this year!!!! My kids loved the activities that we did from your calendars last year. We weren’t super consistent (I had a weird work schedule last year), but they helped us to squeeze lots of fun into our summer. Thank you! :)

  2. Shaunna says

    This is absolutely awesome – some great ideas!! But I thought I’d pass along that the dates in July and August are wrong – you’re missing July 23rd and then all of August is one day off :)

  3. Tara Bell says

    Hi there!
    I was really happy to find a summer calendar printable, but I need to let you know your dates are wrong for July/August. It looks like you forgot July 23rd, and it messed with the rest of the dates. Thought you would want to know!

  4. Kristi says

    I really like this calendar idea with all the activities. I was curious to know how you made your calendar. I love the layout and the font. Would you mind sharing? :) Thanks!

  5. Maurissa says

    I love your summer calendar’s. I was wondering if your going to create one for 2015?


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