20+ Quick Workouts (30 minutes or less)

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20+ Quick and Easy Workouts, Fitness for busy women and moms that can be done at home with little to no equipment in 30 minutes or less at thebensonstreet.com

It’s the new year and maybe fitness is on top of your goals list. As a newish mom, I am still trying to figure out how to fit a fitness routine into my busy life taking care of a sweet baby. My baby never really naps long, I’m trying to keep up with housework, laundry and this lovely blog. So my solution is quick workouts. I think it is better to do something small then do nothing at all. Plus, if you do a few of these small workouts a day it will all add up. So here you go (thank you) more than 20 quick workouts you can do in 30 minutes or less!

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Take nap time to fitness time with this 20 minute nap time workout from My Life and Kids.


Get your dance with this 30 minute Cardio Dance Workout from Tone and Tighten.


I love HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) it works you and you can do it fast like this 20 minute jumping cycle from Maybe I Will.


Another great 20 minute full body workout from Pop Sugar.


Do something a little different each day with a quick workout for each day of the week from Skinny Ms.

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I love workouts that can be done anywhere. As a new mom I’m always on the go and love to be able to have that flexibility. The Lazy Girl Workout from Trimmed & Toned is perfect for that.

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If you have a hard time carving out more that 5 minutes at a time to work out (I’m in this position with my little bundle of joy) then do a few of these 4 Minute Workouts throughout the day from Women’s Health.

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Sometimes everything can become an excuse to not workout. Try this 20 minute no-excuses workout from Pop Sugar.


More equipment free, HIIT workout plans from Pieces in Progress. P.S. They are printable!


I love getting a total body workout. Try this 20 Minute Cardio Meltdown from Tone and Tighten.


Try out a ballet inspired workout! This Barre for Beginners only requires a chair via Spark People.


It’s time to play workout is perfect to have some fun at home, plus get the kids involved, from Maybe I Will.

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We all have towels, right? Then grab two and do this Towel Workout from Pumps & Iron.

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If you love some Tae-Bo, then this 10 Minute Kickboxing Workout from Spark People is for you!

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I love 30 minute full body workouts! Try this Fat Burning Workout from Spotebi.


Target that muffin top wit this 7 minute muffin top blaster from Skinny Ms.


Another quick workout, targeting legs. Thigh workout via Pop Sugar.


Get those arms toned with this 3 Minute Arm Workout from Buzzfeed.

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Busy Mom? Even if you aren’t a busy mom and are just busy this is a great 20 minute workout from Life of a Homeschool Mom.


I love my FitBit, so this Power Walking Workout will be a must to get my steps in by Spark People.

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Okay, okay I LOVE Gilmore Girls, so I just had to include this Gilmore Girls workout from The Dauntless Dreamer.

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Along the same lines and Gilmore Girls, you don’t want to miss your favorite show, so do these Commercial Break Workouts by Skinny Mom.


Last TV workout, I promise. Turn on the Netflix and do this Television Workout from Cosmopolitan.


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