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Cinderella Quote Printable Bookmark at

If you’ve been following along lately, you will know it’s getting close to my due date. The whole time I have been pregnant I have been watching movie previews and getting excited for the ones that would release before my due date. Cinderella was on the top of my list of movies I had to see before this little one makes her debut. So on Friday afternoon the Mr. made sure I saw it. I can’t tell you how much I loved it. I used to watch the animated Cinderella every day over and over again as a child.

Printable Cinderella Have Courage and Be Kind Bookmarks at

One of the best parts of this movie was the lesson that Cinderella’s mother taught her, “Have Courage and Be Kind.” This is an important lesson for each of us. This world we live in is full of much anger, deceit and unkindness. There needs to be more kindness and courage.

Cinderella Quote Bookmarks at

I thought it would be a good reminder of this lesson to create a printable bookmark with the message printed right on it. It is perfect for holding your spot in your favorite novel, self improvement book, scriptures, etc.

Have Courage and Be Kind Bookmarks at

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I hope you will. I love whenI feel uplifted after seeing a movie and this was one of those films. Feel free to print out a set of these bookmarks and share with your friends. Print them on card stock paper and cut out. If you want laminate them or use contact paper to protect the bookmarks.

Bookmark Printable Cinderella Quote at

Remember to have courage and be kind! This printable is free for personal use only. Share it with your friends and family!

Download the printable by clicking here: Have Courage and Be Kind Cinderella Bookmarks

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