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When we moved into our new home about a year ago, my husband told me I could decorate the whole house anyway I wanted, but he wanted complete control of  the (his) basement. I told him that he could have at it. He has baseball memorabilia and other sports decor items all over. When I was at a thrift store and saw these vintage baseballs, I knew I had to make some sort of new decor piece. I found and old/new cabinet door and created this beautiful baseball wall decor.

Easy Baseball Wall Decor at

Let’s start with what you will need:

  1. old baseballs (I found mine at a thrift store for 25 cents a piece)
  2. An old cabinet door or piece of finished wood (I got my cabinet door from a friend who worked at a cabinet company and got it out of their scrap pile. It was beat up a little bit, but it was perfect for the project)
  3. A drill with a circle bit big enough to fit a baseball in, but not through (you can find these at a home improvement store and attach them to any drill, they will cute perfect circles! It is pretty cool)
  4. Hot glue and glue gun
  5. Baker’s twine for embellishment

Baseball Decor Steps at

Start by measuring where you want the baseballs to be on your piece of wood. I started by finding the middle of my cabinet door. Mark it and that is where you will put the center of the drill to begin drilling. Then measure out for the two side balls. I started by going even distances between, but it was a little too close, so I went a bit further out on each side.

Homemade Baseball Decor Project at

This step takes some math, so you might need a calculator (or maybe that’s just me).

Homemade Baseball Decor at

Start by drilling into the tops of the wood on the front side, but don’t go all the way through.

Easy Baseball Decor at

Keep drilling and go almost all the way through, but not all the way.

Baseball Wall Decor step at

Turn the wood over to the other size and drill in the same center hole and go almost all the way through the wood. This is an important step, because it will give a clean edge on the circle on both sides.

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Flip back to the front side and completely drill through the circle.

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Repeat this process for each baseball hole needed. I did three. Then you can make sure the baseballs will fit in the holes.

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Line up the baseballs how you would like the seams to face out on the decor piece. Then trace the baseballs with a pencil where the they fit into the cabinet door.

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Under the traced pencil line apply hot glue to the entire ball and put into the whole. Hold it there for a few seconds to make sure it glues in well.

Baseball Decor Easy at

To make the balls more secure, turn it over to the back side and apply more glue around where the baseball fits into the wood on the back side. Tie baker’s twine around the top or bottom of the decor piece. Add frame hardware to hang on a wall or use it to stand up on cabinets or tables. 

Baseball Wall Decor at

I love that it is such a unique piece of home decor. I like that it is more 3D than a picture. It is fun and funky in a man cave.

DIY Baseball Wall Decor at

Dress it up with a mitt and baseball bat.

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Put a cute baseball picture near the baseball wall decor piece to personalize it in your own home. Last week, the Mr. got to go to Yankees Stadium. He was ecstatic. It has been on his bucket list forever. It was fun to enjoy it with him! Here is a picture that we will have to add to his baseball basement.


Aren’t we so cute! Haha we walked all over New York all day before we went to the game, so I was feeling just a little less than glamours! I now feel like I could live in New York City. We had a lot of fun! Sorry for the break from the baseball wall decor, let’s look at some more beauty shots.

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There is something just so American about baseball. I just love the look of the balls. It goes perfect in our basement.

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I might have to find a vintage baseball mitt to go with this sweet baseball wall decor.

Old Baseball Decor at

The red and white baker’s twine was a perfect touch to make this simple decor piece fab. How would you dress up this simple decor piece?

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