Book Plates: Back to School Series

45 Days of Back to School Ideas

Well Hello there August! Isn’t this just plain crazy that it is already August 1st. Now I know a lot of us were living in denial those last few days of July, thinking that it would be summer forever. But with August here it seems like school is a little bit closer. Even though it is closer, I’ve got something fun to cheer up your day!


I want to introduce my friend Mel Lea from Mellywood’s Mansion. Mel lives in Australia! I really want to go visit her some day (you might want to come too). Until then you can hop over to her blog and check out all her neat ideas.

Elsa Book plate

As part of the back to school series, Mel is sharing adorable book plates. I love this one with Elsa. I might have to print a few out for my books. To get all the details head over Mellywood’s Mansion.

Now that it is August check out all the ideas to get you prepped for the back to school rush by visiting the series introduction for all the great ideas.

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