Preschool Locker Cubby Tote: Back to School Series

45 Days of Back to School Ideas

I would love to have some cute lockers or cubbies in my laundry room. They would be perfect for storing jackets, coats and bags. It is such a fun addition to a home. Today’s idea shares a cute way to dress up a locker or cubby.

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Meet Jenn! She is a sweetheart. This spring I went to SNAP! A blog conference. At the conference there was a fun secret sister program and Jenn was my sister. She made me a cute camera strap plus lots of other goodies. To get to know Jenn a little better check her out at A Jennuine Life.


Then check out how adorable this preschool locker cubby tote is. Wouldn’t it be just perfect for preschool? Learn how to make your own over at A Jennuine Life

To find more back to school inspiration check out the 45 Days of Back to School Introduction. I’ve got all the ideas in one place.

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