My Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Ok so humor me here. In college my minor was public relations. I took quite a few communication courses. So I particularly enjoy watching the commercials. This means I want to share my favorites with you.

Emily’s Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

No. 1: M&M, I would do anything for love. To get this commercial you might need to check out the actual music video my Meatloaf. Warning: This song will be stuck in your head for months.

No. 2: Doritos, Daddy Dress up. Just girly silly fun.

No. 3: Baby Clydsdale. Isn’t this just precious?

No. 4: Tide Miracle Stain. So cute. Love the rivalry within the house. hahaha!

No. 5: Oreo Whisper Fight. I think this is such a wrong thing. We shouldn’t have to choose a side. I just want a whole oreo. Creme and cookies at the same time. But they definitely need to be double stuffed.

No. 6: Get Happy VW. Just makes me laugh and want to wach Cool Runnings.

Disappointments: E-Trade. I have always loved those baby commercials, but this year they were subpar.  Go-Daddy, but they normally are. Seriously, Danica Patrick could be such an inspiration to women but instead she is supporting the physical appearance/sexual value of women.

What were your favorites?

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